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How to create a ringtone in iTunes from any song for your iPhone

A question asked a lot is how to create a ringtone from iTunes for a song. Here are step by step instructions with pictures.

  1. Find out the start and stop points of the ringtone in the song, no more than 30 seconds
    In this case, I want the first 25 seconds of Buttons by The Pussycat Dolls:
  2. Right click song and choose “Get Info”
  3. On the Options tab, set the start and stop times, from step 1
  4. Select OK
  5. Right click song again and choose “Create AAC Version”
  6. Look for new version of the song with a time of 30 seconds or less
  7. Right click song and choose “Show in Windows Explorer”
  8. Rename file from .m4a to .m4r
  9. Drag back into iTunes
  10. The ringtone has been created. Sync your phone
  11. Remember to set the original song back to normal start and end times. Right click song and choose “Get Info”On the Options tab, unset the start and stop times.

Are you reading the same book?

A new trend has taken place in books helped along by the technology. Its not often when the end goal of technology is taking us back a step but in this case it may. Think about your collection of books, some may have similar writing characters, styles, plots, storylines and endings. What drives you to them are the differences, sometimes subtle. Authors have found ways to make you love and enjoy diverse alternates that may at some times, be unfamiliar or disliked. Should technology change that?

They’re Watching You Read @NYBooks

Internet for your car

Verizon just announced Verizon Vehicle service allowing you to keep your vehicle connected to the Information Superhighway while driving on a real highway. Only time will tell how adopted this technology will become and whether users need to be connected all the time.

What about you? Would you buy an additional Internet subscription for your vehicle?

Source: Verizon Vehicle Will Make Your Dumb Car Smarter @Gizmodo